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Bouncer's Wax

Bouncer's Bead Juice

Bouncer's Bead Juice

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Bouncer's Bead Juice

Bouncers Bead Juice is a nano tech exterior protection sealant that can be applied to the car wet or dry and offers 3 - 4 months of protection quickly. Bead Juice can be used on all exterior surfaces including glass, plastics, wheels etc and can be used as a stand alone protection product or as a top up on top of existing waxes or coatings.

Using Bouncers Bead Juice

Dry Method: Lightly mist Bead Juice on the surface. Spread well with a clean soft buffing towel. Turn towel and buff again if necessary.

Wet Method: Do not let the product dry on the surface. Wash the vehicle as normal and rinse the shampoo off. Whilst the vehicle is still wet mist Bead Juice on the vehicle and rinse thoroughly straight away. The product is very active, so you can 'level' out the product as well by spreading with a soft MF or sponge applicator, then rinse off. Finally dry the vehicle with a microfibre drying towel or car dryer.

Size: 500ml, 1L & 5L

Warning: Bead Juice is an Active spray sealant. On wet application it is imperative to fully rinse and remove product fully via pressure washer and not to allow to linger or allow to dry on paintwork. Use sparingly as over application and or product not fully removed can result in the product leaving a residue behind. - Test on a small area first. If the paint does show areas of residue, this can be removed using a micro polish on affected areas.

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