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Bouncer's Ci-Wash - Citrus Wash 5 litre

Bouncer's Ci-Wash - Citrus Wash 5 litre

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Bouncer’s Ci-Wash is a powerful but gentle pre-wash/all-purpose cleaning system that effectively breaks down dirt and grime upon contact. It has a blend of deep cleaning detergents blended with Citrus elements to remove the toughest of grime easily. Ci-Wash can be used for removing road grime, insect splatter, moss, mildew from all painted, plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces. Safe to use and effective.

Trigger Dilution

1:100 Light APC Duties
1:20 General Grime Removal
1:5 Exterior Pre-wash (Light)
1:1 Exterior Pre-Wash (Heavy/oil)

Lance Dilution


Pump Sprayer Dilution


How To

Spray onto the surface areas, and allow to dwell for a few minutes (DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY) Agitate with a soft brush on areas that require additional work, i.e door jambs, engine areas. – Fully rinse off. Do not use on hot panels/wheels and out of direct heat sunlight. Do not allow product to dwell on unpainted/plastic areas.


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