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Bouncer's Wax

Check the Fleck 100/200ml

Check the Fleck 100/200ml

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Bouncer's Check the Fleck - Special Blend

Bouncer's 'Check the Fleck' is a wax specially formulated to vehicles with Metallic/Polychromatic paint finishes.
This recipe that contains no added colouring or fillers, has taken over 18 months to fully formulate & research. It features High Refractive Index ingredients that allow increased optical dispersion & high clarity from this type of paint finish.
When applied as a Last Stage Protection onto clean decontaminated paintwork, it will visually intensify the different metallic 'flecks' within the paint and show depth of colour across the vehicle.

Intricately formulated with advanced sealant ingredients highest Grade T1 Carnauba wax & specialist oils. It will offer a good 4months protection & a visual appearance that is second to none.

100ml pot plain - signed jars, 

200ml pot with black/silver black series label

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