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Bouncer's Wax

Drop N Roll Glass Sealant

Drop N Roll Glass Sealant

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Bouncer's Drop & Roll Premium Glass Sealant Kit - 100ml
Bouncer's Drop & Roll is a protective coating that bonds to your exterior glass to form a transparent, hydrophobic barrier layer that repels rain, sleet and snow upon contact. Drop & Roll works in conjunction with the natural airflow over the car to rapidly dissipate water droplets at speeds on excess of 30mph, resulting in vastly improved visibility and driver safety.

Rain drops and road spray simply bead up and roll off on treated surfaces.

Drop & Roll will also assist in the reduction of 'frosted' external glass under extreme cold weather conditions.

How to Apply:
Ensure exterior glass that is to be treated is free from all dirt and contaminants. Clean with a good quality glass cleaner and treat with a clay bar to remove any surface contamination. Shake well, using a cotton applicator (supplied), apply a small dab from the bottle and work into the surface using horizontal and vertical lines. Leave for approximately 35 mins, then buff off to leave glass protected. Front windscreen may benefit from up to 3 applications with a 30min gap in between.

Pack Contents:
    -    1 x 100ml Drop & Roll Glass Sealant
    -    1 x Edgeless Microfibre Cloth
    -    1 x Flip Style Lid
    -    1 x Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves (pair)
    -    10 x Cotton Applicators


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